Canal Gate Controller

Remotely Control & Monitor Your Canal Gates

XiO’s Canal Gate Controller provides automatic, responsive control of canal gates to maintain head, flow, level, gate position, and equipment conditions. You can change gate position and setpoints remotely and calculate flows throughout the canal system.


The field hardware listed below collects and securely stores data in our state-of-the-art Cloud SCADA® software. Our hardware connects to our software via cellular modem or satellite. Communication between hardware may be via radio, telemetry, or modem. You can access your data from any device with an internet connection.


XiO’s Canal Gate Controller includes:

  • Field Installable Unit in NEMA-4X Enclosure
  • Submersible Level Sensors
  • Provisions for additional Inputs/Outputs

Features & Benefits

Monitoring & Alarms

Remote monitoring of gate position
Upstream & Downstream head
Alarm on any value


Automatic, responsive control of canal gates to maintain head, flow, etc.
Remotely set gate position
Setpoint Changes


Calculated flows throughout a canal system

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