Lift Station Controller

This Lift Station Controller package includes the hardware and secure cloud-based user interface that lets operators easily monitor, manage, and control your lift station from anywhere.


Performs as a stand-alone solution or as an integrated part of a larger water system.


  • View of Current Status:
     Wet Well Level
    Flow Rate(s) (if meter present) *we can provide you a virtual water meter.
    Pump Status (ON/OFF)
    Float Status
  • Advance & Accurate Alarms – No More False Positives.
    Lost Communication (UPS will keep it running long enough to report it)
    Pump Failed to Start
    Power Loss (UPS will keep it running long enough to report it)
    Float Tripped
    Pump Failed To Start
  • Graphed Trends – All monitored values so you can investigate and determine if your station(s) is running the way you need it to.
  • Historical Data –Without limitations.


  • Automatic Operation
  • Remote Operation
    Setpoint Changes

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  • Pump Health & Performance
    Pump Efficiency
    Energy Intensity
    Volume Pumped (requires meter) *we can provide a virtual water meter.
    Pump Runtimes
    Pump Cycle Count
  • Virtual Water Meter™–The calculated volume pumped based on fluctuations in levels.

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  • Field Installable Unit(s) in NEMA-4X Enclosure
  • Provisions for additional Inputs/Outputs
  • Electrical current sensor to monitor the status of the pump and measure electrical energy consumption.
  • XiO Submersible Wastewater Level Sensor– shows the exact liquid level in your wet well and how quickly it is rising.
    ○ This precision enables operators to make more informed decisions.