Farmers want a tough, reliable, simple solution to control their water system so they can focus on what’s important, growing their crops.  With new regulations that require additional usage reporting, this could mean more precious man-hours just to comply with the requirements.  XiO will reduce man-hours required to operate your system and meet government regulations.

  • Remote Control and Visibility – Your information is as close as your smartphone, from anywhere in the world.
  • Save Water – Information is the key to saving. If you don’t know how much water you’re using, you won’t know where you can save. XiO provides daily reports showing you exactly how much water you’ve been pumping.
  • Well Level and Pumping Reports – New regulations require certain water users to provide reports on well levels and pumping amounts.  XiO helps collect the necessary data and makes it’s easy to create and submit your reports.
  • Reduce Labor Costs – XiO lets you remotely schedule and control your pumps and valves saving you labor and travel costs associated with manual operation.
  • Monitor Pump Performance – Your pumps are central to your operation.  With XiO you can track your pump’s performance over time and stay ahead of maintenance issues before they become a problem. If a pump fails to start you’ll know instantly through email or text message.

Related Features

  • XiO Pump Scheduler – The XiO Pump Scheduler makes it easy to schedule a pump from your phone or laptop computer.  You can turn a pump on instantly or schedule a run for a future date and time.  There’s no need to drive to the pump house.
  • XiO Alarm Notifications – XiO uses an advanced Correlation Alarm to determine when a pump that is supposed to run has failed and will send an instant notification.  Notifications can be delivered through email or phone and can be sent to any number of recipients.

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