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XiO increases quality control & enhances drinking water system management.

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Surface Water

Clean Water Management Software for Easy Compliance

Cloud SCADA® software provides a better way to manage the high risk and precise task of producing clean drinking water. XiO monitoring & alarms, control, and data analytics enable you to work smarter, not harder by giving you straightforward products for meeting regulatory compliance and water quality standards.

The design of XiO drinking water system control is guided by the overarching principles of configurable hardware-software while addressing unique issues that face operators and organizations. We stand by our triple bottom line: saving time, money, and natural resources through precise control, insightful analytics, and unparalleled security.

Groundwater Cloud-Based System Management

Maximize the use of your wells while responsibly maintaining aquifer health. Aquifer health is the key to sustainable groundwater basin management. Coordinate multiple wells in real-time based on aquifer level, production capacity, and energy efficiency. XiO offers a suite of features designed to manage your groundwater supply sustainably.


Products & Features

  • Standard Features
  • Aquifer Level Monitoring
  • Well Control
    Time of Use Scheduling
    Adjustable Lead/Lag with Alternation
    Well Maximum Volume Limits
  • VFD Control
  • Certified Water Meter
  • Dynamic Pump Efficiency Optimization
    Prioritizing Wells
  • Efficiency Sequencing
  • Chemical Pump Pacing
    Precisely Control Chemical Injection
  • Reporting

Surface Water

Products & Solutions

  • Pump Control
    Adjustable lead/lag with alternation
    Dynamic pump efficiency optimization
    Time of use scheduling
  • VFD Control
  • Chemical Injection
    Chemical pump pacing
  • Reporting
    Down to the minute water quality reports
    Water production volume reports
  • Filter Control
  • Quality Monitoring
    Res. Cl