Storage & Distribution

Intelligent solutions for the increasing demands on water systems.

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Pump Stations

Cloud SCADA® Control Systems for Tank & Pump Station Management

Increasing demands on domestic and industrial water require storing adequate reserves while maintaining quality. Keeping a close watch on water distribution pumps and equipment enables you to identify operational and emergency needs like pressure drops and high flows. XiO empowers you to stay in control.

Tanks & Reservoirs

Products & Solutions

  • Minute-By-Minute Level Monitoring
    • Level or Volume Measurements
  • Virtual Water Meter™
    • Calculated flows in lieu of a physical meter
  • Time of Use Scheduling
    • Adjust pumping around high-electrical rates
  • Adjustable Setpoints
    • Seasonal
    • Fire Reserve
*Solar Units Available!
* Multiple sensor options available (Submersible, In-line, Radar, etc.)

Pump Stations

Products & Solutions

  • Adjustable Lead/Lag with Alternation
  • Chemical Pump pacing
    • Match dosage to flow rate
  • Dynamic Pump Efficiency Optimization
    • Always chose the most efficient pump for the job
  • Time of Use Scheduling
  • Energy Efficiency Monitoring
    • Track pump performance over time.
  • Pressure Monitoring
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