In Wastewater, there’s no room for errors. A single lift station overflow can have major consequences. That’s why XiO provides the most reliable, robust control system in the industry. XiO Cloud SCADA Control Systems allow wastewater operators to have a view into their remote lift stations and provides advanced warning if there is an issue.

  • Alarms –  Powerful, advanced alarms alert you when there’s an issue.  It’s like an alarm beacon in your pocket. If a lift station is about to overflow, operators receive an e-mail or SMS message so you can take action before it becomes an issue.
  • Reduce Labor Costs – XiO lets you remotely monitor and control your pumps.  This allows operators to focus their attention where it’s needed and avoids unnecessary trips to remote sites.
  • Monitor Pump Performance – Your pumps are central to your operation. With XiO you can track your pump’s performance over time and stay ahead of maintenance issues before they become a problem. If a pump fails to start you’ll know instantly through email or text message.

Related Features

  • XiO Alarm Notifications – XiO uses an advanced Correlation Alarm to determine when a pump that is supposed to run has failed and will send an instant notification. Notifications can be delivered through email or phone and can be sent to any number of recipients.
  • Wet Well Monitoring – XiO employs a large-diaphragm submersible water level sensor specifically designed to use in wastewater. This tells you exactly what the water level is, providing more detail than simple float switches.

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