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Easily manage your wastewater system with XiO Cloud SCADA®.

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Monitoring. Alarms. Control. Analytics. Anytime, Anywhere.

Whether you oversee one or more lift stations, a complex wastewater treatment plant or a septic tank, XiO gives you unparalleled capability, accuracy, and system insight. We provide robust and easy-to-use solutions for high-risk, complex, and nuanced wastewater collection and treatment processes.

With remote site monitoring, we remove uncertainty and, in turn, give peace of mind. Our instant SMS, email, and notification alarms buy you time. Our Cloud Control capabilities reduce physical constraints and reduce human error, enabling you to achieve more. This intelligent control also reduces financial drains.

Finally, with accurate data insights, there’s no guesswork. You can focus your attention where it’s needed.

From security to execution, XiO Cloud SCADA® systems are best-in-class.

Wastewater Treatment

So much can go wrong in the delicate process of wastewater treatment. Even when everything goes right, interdependent steps and components still need to be closely monitored and controlled. XiO delivers tailored solutions for each stage of the process.

Computer monitor & cell phone user interface depicting XiO Data Analytics for Lift Station Cloud SCADA Monitoring & Control

Lift Station Packages

Manage your lift stations with intelligence. Cloud SCADA® monitoring, control, and analytics enable you to work smarter, not harder. XiO dramatically improves how you interact with your lift stations by delivering elegant, pragmatic solutions for the high risk, high cost, and laborious job of collection system management.