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Control System

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Computer monitor & cell phone user interface depicting XiO Data Analytics for Lift Station Cloud SCADA Monitoring & Control

With Accurate Alarms

XiO Cloud SCADA® monitoring and control feedback loop

Reliable CONTROL
Reinforced by a Feedback Loop


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Vector screenshot of XiO Cloud SCADA remote control system monitoring in front of XiO onsite water system FIUs in a mountainous rural area.

XiO has a better way to manage your lift stations. Cloud SCADA® Systems enable you to work smarter, not harder by improving how you interact with your lift stations. Our software as a service (SaaS) delivers elegant, pragmatic solutions for the high risk, high cost, and laborious job of collection system management.

The design of the XiO lift station control represents the overarching principles of configurable hardware-software while addressing unique issues that face operators and organizations. We stand by our triple bottom line: saving time, money, and natural resources through precise monitoring, alarms, control, insightful analytics, and unparalleled security.





View of Current Status:

  1. Wet Well Level
  2. Flow Rate(s) (if meter present) *we can provide you a virtual water meter.
  3. Pump Status (ON/OFF)    
  4. Float Status


No More False Positives.

  1. Lost Communication
  2. Power Loss (UPS will keep it running long enough to report it)
  3. Float Tripped

Graphed Trends

All monitored values so you can investigate and determine if your station(s) is running the way you need it to.

Historical Data

Without limitations.




Includes all Monitoring Features

Including Alarms, Graphed Trends & Historical Data


+Pump Failed to Start


  1. Remotely Turn Pumps (ON/OFF)
  2. Automatic Operation
  • lead/lag
  • dosing


Choose 1 or both Analytics Packages

Add it to either your Monitoring Package or Control Package.

Pump Health & Performance

  1. Pump Efficiency
  2. Energy Intensity
  3. Volume Pumped (requires meter) *we can provide a virtual water meter.
  4. Pump Runtimes
  5. Pump Cycle Count

Virtual Water Meter

Calculated volume pumped based on fluctuations in levels.

*Custom packages available for lift stations with three or more pumps and other wastewater applications.


Hardware Packages

Your life is about to get a whole lot simpler.

XiO Lift Station Hardware

Say goodbye to the constant hassle of upgrading hardware and software.

XiO Cloud SCADA® Control Systems are built, above all, for reliability, ease of installation, and expandability. XiO engineers preconfigure your system to your specifications so that our products work right out of the box. Any licensed electrician can install them. It’s, also, painless to add new sites, features, and components at any time.


To extend the reach of your system or to add sites, additional FIUs integrate with your existing user interface and network as soon as they are connected. Operators can now manage stand-alone or interconnected systems in one place. XiO expandability delivers positive long term ROI while maintaining robust reliability and simplicity.

The Cloud & Soft I/O

The lifetime-guaranteed Field Installable Unit (FIU) replaces traditional, onsite Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). Transitioning to the cloud servers means you can now shed expensive hardware and maintenance costs for good. The Soft-I/O® Module provides reliable supervisory control and real-time data collection for a fraction of the price.


Our compact 12”x14” boxes consolidate all the hardware you usually wrangle and maintain. Now, you no longer need physical servers, PCs, PLCs, and RTUs. NEMA 4X enclosures house each FIU, so you know it’s suitable for harsh environments throughout the collection system.

XiO FIUs reduce the cost of expensive installation, calibration, and programming. You receive preconfigured, clearly labeled terminal blocks tailor-made to your specifications. Any licensed electrician knows precisely where to “land the wires.”

Join our Preferred Installer Network or contact us to find an electrician near you!

Do a better job with less work

Specific Features

When your pumps are healthy and efficient, you save on electricity, parts, and labor. Our software combines electrical energy usage with flow data to discover if your pumps are running at optimum efficiency by. 

Monitoring energy consumption, pump cycles, and efficiency in real-time helps you avert catastrophic spills by alerting on the early warning signs of an impending failure. XiO alarms as soon as it senses symptoms of more significant problems, such as pump ragging.

Traditional floats, if not broken or cracked, only tell you if the wet well level is high or low. The XiO submersible sensor shows the exact liquid level in your wet well and how quickly it is rising.  This precision enables operators to make more informed decisions.

Monitoring flow meters provide real-time flow data. The Virtual Water Meter™ reports an accurate estimate of flow through your system when a physical meter is not present. Gaining insights into your system’s typical flow rates allows operators to identify I&I and other abnormalities.

Free Lift Station Spec Sheet


Two Field Installable Units

One Uninterruptible Power Supply
Provides power for up to 4 hours with replaceable battery included

Two Dry-Contact outputs for Controlling Pumps
Solid Core, up to 200A(Higher ranges available upon request)

One Submersible Liquid Level Transducer
Maintenance-free with Intrinsically Safe Barrier

Inputs for two float signals


Additional Pump Outputs

Additional Current Transducers

Analog Input/Outputs for Variable Frequency Drives

Inputs for monitoring flowmeters

Pressure Transducer
with non-fouling large-diaphragm sensing aperture


XiO Lift Station Monitoring & Alarms

Grab the Freedom to Work from Wherever the Day Takes You

XiO provides accurate alerts and real-time trend views of your system data. In addition to having unbroken access to historical data, you may remotely monitor your system(s) and receive alarms anywhere on any web-enabled device. XiO Control Systems push notifications through email or SMS to any number of recipients.

System Monitoring

View your wet well levels, pump status, float status, and flow rate. If you don’t have a flow meter, we can provide a virtual one!  Comparing past and present data from one or more lift stations highlights inconsistencies or sub-optimal performance.

Advanced & Accurate Alarms

Cloud-based SCADA user interface showing lift station specific alarm history

Our advanced alarms communicate potentially serious situations. For example, when a traditional float switch “trips,” you only know if your liquid level is too high or too low. Wet well levels that are rapidly rising indicate an imminent spill. Conversely, pumps that continue to run when wet wells are empty could fail, leaving you with a pricey replacement. XiO quickly displays exact liquid levels and pump status so you can promptly address the situation.

Correlation Alarms™ compare multiple points throughout the system to evaluate alarm conditions. For example, an alarm indicates that a pump failed to start if a pump contactor closes, but the pump does not draw electrical current.

Reliable Alerts

If power is lost, the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) keeps the unit running long enough to report the outage and lift station status. This continuity allows you to determine the urgency and deploy your workforce appropriately.

XiO alarms are sent from the cloud servers, not from the field units directly.  Even if the field hardware is damaged (e.g., natural disaster), operators still receive alarms notifying them of a problem.  Without XiO Cloud-based SCADA, who knows what could unfold in the substantial time it might take to discover that you haven’t been receiving updates and alarms. Let’s not find out.


XiO Lift Station Control

Solutions that only monitor lift stations can only tell you if the pump is on or off, but XiO systems know if your pump should be on or off. Closing the control feedback loop enables more intelligent and useful alarms and notifications, thereby providing additional insight to the user.

Lift Station Cloud SCADA® Control System User Interface

Adjusting controls based on analog level signals allows you to fine-tune lift station operation, on the fly based on your preferences. This flexibility enables operators to have more control over their lift stations.

Automated dosing, timed pumping, and multi-site coordination can improve the overall effectiveness of the collection system. This functionality can reduce your maintenance burdens and extend the life of the system.


XiO Lift Station Data Analytics

Take your work to the next level.

XiO data analytics takes the guesswork out of your work to identify and fix lift station issues. Data insight features may be purchased individually or as a comprehensive package. These analytics direct you where to focus your efforts. 

Pump Efficiency & Energy Intensity

Performing pump maintenance at astute times helps you avoid expensive pump-related issues and premature replacements. Analyzing your pump efficiency and energy intensity clues you into both maintenance needs and ragging

XiO Lift Station System Cloud-Based SCADA Data Analytics User Interface

Virtual Water Meter™

XiO measures the volume of liquid pumped, using your flow meter or the Virtual Water Meter™. The amount of fluid pumped, pump runtimes, energy usage, and pump cycle counts alerts you to changes in pump efficiency and costly inflow and infiltration (I&I).  I&I means you’re spending more money to pump the extra liquid.

See the returns when you invest in a XiO Cloud SCADA® Control System!

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