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With Accurate Alarms


Reliable CONTROL
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Work Smarter, Not Harder

It’s our pleasure to present you with a better way of managing your Lift Stations. XiO’s Cloud SCADA® monitoring and control enable you to work smarter, not harder. We exponentially improve how you interact with your Lift Stations by delivering pragmatic, elegant solutions for the high risk, high cost, and laborious job of Lift Station management.

Our reinvention of Lift Station Control Systems reflects overarching principles of our hardware-software configuration while addressing unique issues that face Lift Station operators and organizations.  We stand by our triple bottom line to save time and money while conserving natural resources. These benefits are handed to you by precise and unparalleled alarms, monitoring, control, data analytics, and security.

Data Security

XiO data security features are woven into the fabric of our technology, diligently protecting your systems from internal and external threats. Every person involved in your Lift Station management can access the user interface at various levels of assigned permissions. Additionally, our patented FIU-to-server communications pathway ensures no intruder can infiltrate or control your system. Rest assured your site is secure.

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XiO Protects Your Lift Station from Malware

Monitoring & Alarms

Operators gain peace of mind by effortlessly monitoring multiple stations from any web-enabled device. An accurate suite of specified alarms and comprehensive monitoring steers you toward the problems as they arise. Take your workdays back, comforted by constant, real-time contact with your Lift Stations, no matter where you are. Imagine what you’d do with the time regained by eliminating false alarms.

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Our monitoring, alarms, and graphed trends can save you valuable time.

Control Feedback Loop

Beyond eliminating false alarms, we shorten and reduce the number of lengthy on-site investigations to find the origin of an actual alarm. Our FIUs close the communication feedback loop by reporting to and seeking commands from our Cloud server. In addition to the automated control other brands tout, we proactively detect contactor and pump function, both alerting you and making necessary control adjustments without you initiating the command.

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Our patent changed SCADA communication for better control and security.

Data Analytics Suite

While our graphed trends display for all users, XiO can integrate and make sense of the Lift Station data for you. Our a-la-carte analytics packages provide a wide range of insights into performance, like maintenance needs, ragging issues, infiltration worries, efficiency deficiencies, energy drains, and leaks. With our help, you know where to deploy your efforts because data-driven insights allow you to take timely, targeted action. Avoid expensive EPA fines, emergency labor bills, and untimely hardware replacements.

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Actionable data insights can drive your work efficiency.




View of Current Status:

  1. Wet Well Level
  2. Flow Rate(s) (if meter present) *we can provide you a virtual water meter.
  3. Pump Status (ON/OFF)    
  4. Float Status


No More False Positives.

  1. Lost Communication (UPS will keep it running long enough to report it)
  2. Power Loss
  3. Lost Communication (UPS will keep it running long enough to report it)
  4. Power Loss (UPS will keep it running long enough to report it)
  5. Float Tripped

Graphed Trends

All monitored values so you can investigate and determine if your station(s) is running the way you need it to.

Historical Data

Without limitations.




Includes all Monitoring Features

Including Alarms, Graphed Trends & Historical Data


+Pump Failed to Start


  1. Remotely Turn Pumps (ON/OFF)
  2. Automatic Operation
  • lead/lag
  • dosing


Choose 1 or both Analytics Packages

Add it to either your Monitoring Package or Control Package.

Pump Health & Performance

  1. Pump Efficiency
  2. Energy Intensity
  3. Volume Pumped (requires meter) *we can provide a virtual water meter.
  4. Pump Runtimes
  5. Pump Cycle Count

Virtual Water Meter

The volume pumped, based on fluctuations in volume pumped.


Hardware Packages

Your work life is about to get a whole lot simpler.

XiO Lift Station Hardware

Never replace or upgrade your Lift Station hardware or software ever again. Seriously.

Our lifetime-guaranteed Field Installable Unit (FIU) transforms traditional, onsite Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) into remotely configurable PLCs. This transition to the Cloud means that you can now shed expensive hardware and labor costs for good. We place two of our patented controllers, Soft-I/O® Modules, at your Lift Station for redundancy. These compact 10”x12” boxes consolidate all hardware you usually wrangle and maintain: no more physical servers and PCs in dedicated server rooms, no more PLCs, and no more RTUs. Each FIU is nearly indestructible in NEMA 4X with a Class 1 Division 1 Barrier Strip, so you’ll never worry about dangerous weather or fire affecting your Station.

XiO FIUs eliminate expensive installation, calibration, and programming. We deliver preconfigured, clearly labeled terminal blocks tailor-made to your specifications. Any licensed electrician will know exactly where to “land the wire” for each of the features you need to run your Lift Station optimally. Search our Preferred Installer Network to find an electrician near you!

Do a better job with less work

Specific Features

XiO scum and sludge transducer measure the scum and sludge level to ascertain if you’re pumping often enough to keep your Lift Station running optimally.

Our electrical transducer tells you when you need to perform pump maintenance and provides early detection of pump failure. When your pumps are healthy and efficient, you save on labor and parts.

Our current transducer helps you avert catastrophic spills by sensing when your pump is on or off and by running pump tests to measure your pump current. When your pump draws more current than usual, it’s a signal that there’s an issue like ragging. With traditional SCADA systems, you can only know if a pump is on or off via analog I/O.

Traditional floats, if not broken or cracked, will only tell you if you have too little or too much water in your Lift Station. The XiO submersible sensor, a fiber-optic float switch, tells you exactly how much water is in your tank at any time so that you’re pumping water at times that take advantage of lowered electricity rates, whenever possible.

Our flow meter (pressure transducer) gives you real-time flow data that will alert you to leaks. You can now handle emergency events before they become catastrophes.


XiO Lift Station Data Security

Protecting your data is our highest priority. XiO uses training, physical, procedural, and technical safeguards to maintain the integrity and security of your Lift Station information. XiO mirrors all data received in real-time over multiple geographic regions, which means that even if your primary server fails, you can immediately restore your data.  Both the mirroring and performing daily backups prevent data loss and ensure timely recovery. We regularly test our disaster recovery so that our Disaster Recovery Time and our Disaster Recovery Objective stay low. You’ll never be separated from your precious data for long, if ever.

XiO hosts data in the most unbreachable certified data centers available. We regularly review access logs, and we apply software updates religiously. We protect your data with restrictive firewalls, secure certificates, and access rules. We also consult with third-party security experts to continuously improve our practices, so you get the best security today, tomorrow and for decades to come.

Finally, our international patent flips the old SCADA “master-slave communication script,” making our control and alarm capabilities matchless and safeguarding your data.  SCADA servers communicate to the PLC, which means an adept hacker could pretend the be the server making commands and accessing information. XiO FIUs reverse the communication stream with and confirm the identity of our servers, thereby, critically mitigating the risk of an intruder. Your data is yours and yours only.


XiO Lift Station Monitoring & Alarms

Grab the freedom to work from wherever the day takes you. Rather than needing to be onsite to confirm every data value, function, possible issue, and false alarm, XiO provides accurate alerts and real-time trend views of your system data. In addition to always having access to your historical data from anywhere, you may remotely monitor your system(s). Compare past trends to present graphs to discern if your Lift Stations are performing consistently, and, if not, where to begin searching for causation.

View your wet well levels (including when the pump starts and stops), your current pump status, your float status, and, if you have a water meter, your flow rate. If you don’t have a water meter, we can provide a virtual one!  Comparing these trends between multiple Lift Stations will highlight any sub-optimal performance. A Lift Station network needs to run as a group, seamlessly.

Our accurate correlation alarms communicate potentially dire situations. We push notifications through email or phone, and we can send them to any number of recipients. When a traditional tank float “trips”, for example, you won’t know if your tank level is too high or too low. A tank’s overly full level indicates an imminent spill. Conversely, if there’s not enough in your tank when your pump runs, the pump could burn out, leaving you with a pricey incidental. Furthermore, when a pump fails to start, you’ll receive an instant notification, buying you time to fix the problem before a spill occurs. Any of these scenarios put a severe dent in your budget.

When either communication or power is lost, our uninterruptible power supply (UPS) will keep both running long enough to report the issue to you. When another SCADA provider suffers communication or power loss, substantial time might pass before you discover that you haven’t been receiving data or alarms. Who knows what could unfold in the time between the inciting event and the time it took you to notice. Let’s not find out.


XiO Lift Station Control

Operators no longer have to travel to the Lift Station site to turn pumps on or off. A few companies offer this feature, but XiO is the most reliable. We are impervious to the relatively high failure rate of mechanical devices, and if our competitors’ electronic device quality matches ours, we still outperform in reliability and accuracy. XiO closes the contactor and catches pump current. Therefore, if there’s no current, we can push an alarm to the user notifying them that there is an issue with the pump.

XiO also observes the water flow rate. If there’s current when the contactor is on, we can proactively shut down the pump and notify you. Additionally, our software detects when the pump is running without the server first requesting that information. One instance this feature would be useful is when a pump is put in manual mode and forgotten. To make sure we’ll wait up to 10 minutes before deploying the alarm. Our smart systems are always on the clock, so you don’t have to be.

All XiO can remotely control all automatic operations. Fixed floats only signal pumps at a tank’s high and low points, but our lead-lag feature allows your authorized team to alter set points, maximizing pump efficiency around high electricity rates, both of which conserve energy and cost. If you haven’t already, it’s time to make a wishlist for what you’ll do with those extra funds.

Automated dosing, or timed pumping operations, prevent your Lift Station from becoming, well, too stinky. XiO automatically runs a short cycle for you when we notice that a wet well hasn’t been empty for a specified time, as long as tank levels are sufficient. Everyone in your neighborhood will thank you. You’re welcome.


XiO Lift Station Data Analytics

Our data analytics take the guesswork out of your work so you can identify and fix issues with your Lift Station. Each of our data insight features may be purchased a la carte or as a comprehensive package. You’ll gain the direction and focus for your efforts that will take your work to the next level.

For example, performing pump maintenance at astute times helps you avoid expensive pump-related issues and premature replacements. Analyzing your pump efficiency and energy intensity will clue you into both maintenance needs and ragging. Additionally, your data suite dashboard will show you, which is also a determinant of ragging.

XiO can also measure the volume of water pumped, this using your water meter or a virtual water meter that we provide. Our cloud logic automatically calculates the amount pumped based on fluctuations in volume pumped, which alert you to costly infiltration and energy usage. Pump runtimes and pump cycle counts will also clue you into both pump efficiency and infiltration. Water infiltration means your spending your dollar to pump extra water that’s taking up valuable real estate in your station.

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