The XiO Cloud SCADA® Control System is the total package. Easy to install hardware integrates seamlessly with the powerful XiO Cloud Control Center to provide water operators with complete control from any web-enabled device.

Cloud Control Center

All XiO Cloud SCADA® Control Systems come standard with unlimited access to the XiO cloud control center. The XiO Cloud Control Center is a window into your water system that allows managers to view every aspect of their water system, identify issues, and TAKE ACTION using secure login credentials. Authorized users may access the full-featured control center using any smartphone, tablet, or computer.


  • Remote Control and Visibility
    Your information is as close as your smartphone, from anywhere in the world.
  • Historical Data
    XiO comes with unlimited historical data storage. Never lose your data again. It lives in the cloud so it can be accessed from any computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Alarms
    XiO’s advanced alarm system alerts you if there’s a problem. Operators receive notifications through text and email alerts.

A Solid Foundation of Revolutionary Hardware

All XiO Cloud SCADA® Control Systems are built on a solid foundation of revolutionary hardware designed to perform in demanding field conditions. These Field Installable Units (FIUs) contain XiO’s patented controller, the Soft-I/O Module. The Soft-I/O Module is a universally configurable input/output device capable of advanced local logic and control. This amazing technology coupled with advances in cloud computing create the most powerful control system to date. FIUs eliminate the need for PLCs, RTUs, PCs, and onsite software. There is no need for expensive programming or on-site technical visits.


  • Easy Installation
    Your complete XiO Cloud SCADA Control® System arrives on-site ready to install by any local electrician.
  • Low Upfront Cost
    XiO provides world class capability at the lowest price. This is all possible with the Soft-I/O module. XiO customers don’t pay for programming or support.
  • Local, Real-Time Control
    FIUs respond immediately to changing conditions in the field.

The Fundamentally Secure Solution

XiO Cloud SCADA® Control Systems utilize the most advanced security measures available. The cloud architecture allows security improvements to be implemented on a constant basis. This allows XiO to stay ahead of the ever-changing virtual environment. FIUs eliminate the need for PLCs, RTUs, PCs, and onsite software. There is no need for expensive programming or on-site technical visits.

Security Icon


  • Security in the Cloud
    XiO is continuously improving defenses against potential cyber attacks.
  • Physical Security
    XiO-operated geographically distributed and redundant database servers keep your data safe from catastrophic events (e.g. natural disaster, physical attack, etc.).
  • Security in Control
    The XiO System maintains a record of every change including time/date and user information.