What is the warranty on the XiO system?

All XiO Cloud SCADA® Control Systems come with a lifetime warranty on the Soft-I/O Module (brain center of every FIU) as long as the customer maintains the Cloud Service. XiO’s standard warranty on all other components is one year.

What are the benefits of monitoring my aquifer level?

Aquifer monitoring can improve an operator’s visibility into the health of a well. The standing water level, drawdown, and recovery rate are important factors when determining the health and longevity of a well. Aquifer monitoring also allows the XiO Control system to avoid “sucking air” or running a pump dry. This is important for the longevity of a well pump.

Does XiO provide text and email alarms?

Yes! All XiO Control systems come standard with advanced text and email alarms. These alarms notify operators of events before they become problems.

Does XiO provide remote VFD Control?

Yes! XiO provides optional remote VFD control that enables users to manage the speed of their pumps remotely based on user input or demand.

Can I save money by pumping more at night and less in the daytime?

XiO Cloud SCADA Control Systems come with optional “Time-of-Use” pumping. This allows the automated pumping schedule to react to the increasing electrical rates throughout the day. This strategy saves the users money by avoiding pump runs during the most expensive times of the day. Advanced algorithms determine the best time to pump to ensure there is always enough water on-hand.

Can the XiO Cloud SCADA® Control System run on Solar Power?

The XiO System draws about 10 Watts so a simple solar panel will suffice. Consult with your solar provider for proper sizing and don’t forget to ask your salesperson about Solar Battery Monitoring.

Can XiO alternate pumps?

XiO supports pump alternation, Lead/Lag(Lag/Lag/Lag/etc.), and Lead/Lag with Alternation. This allows users the most flexibility when deciding how to control their pumps.

Can I use my XiO Cloud SCADA® Control system to file water quality reports with the State of California?

One-Click, downloadable reports come standard with every XiO system. We work closely with the State of California to ensure our reports meet the required criteria.

Who does the programming?

No one! XiO Cloud SCADA Control Systems arrive on-site pre-configured for easy installation. Remote support is provided at no cost to the user. Forget what you know about programming control systems, this is a fundamentally different solution.

What happens when the Cloud goes away or I lose Internet?

All XiO Systems are built with local control first! Without a Cloud connection, the local system runs fine! Some advanced features—such as electrical time-of-use—may be unavailable, but water continues to be delivered. Losing a connection to the Cloud is very uncommon, however.