The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) landscape is changing quickly.

XiO is a pioneer in IIOT, bringing together remote monitoring and control with a secure, web-based platform for system optimization.

Demand for smart SCADA systems is on the rise and XiO is seeking partners to deliver technology across numerous verticals, including drinking water, wastewater, agriculture, irrigation, and more.  

Why partner with XiO?

  • Expand your market reach with innovative new product offerings and solutions
  • Create additional value (managed services) and new touch points for your customer base
  • Deliver value quickly with pre-configured, ready-to-install equipment
  • Bundle with other products as part of an “XiO Package Deal” 
  • Leverage Co-marketing opportunities

What types of partners?

  • Manufacturer’s Representatives (MRs) – independent representatives
  • Preferred Installer – licensed electricians


XiO is proud to offer training and support to our partners, as well as 24/7 technical support. For more information on our Partner Programs, contact XiO by phone or email or download our application.