XiO Does SCADA Better

By Doing It Differently.

What Is XiO Cloud SCADA?

XiO provides complete automated control system solutions. All systems include preconfigured hardware and software that arrive ready to install so that you can focus on managing operations. Users leverage easy-to-use, flexible, and reliable cloud-based SCADA from any web-enabled device to control fully configurable hardware.

What Our Packages Include:

  • Control hardware
  • Wide range of sensors (pressure/level sensors, electrical current sensors, etc.)
  • Communication Equipment (Modems, radios, etc.)
  • Custom Web-based user interface
  • XiO configures & maintains the cloud server architecture

Data Security

Data security is woven into the fabric of XiO technology, diligently protecting your water systems from internal and external threats. Custom permission levels let you grant the right access to the right people. Additionally, the patented node-to-server communications pathway ensures no intruder can infiltrate your system. Rest assured your site is secure.

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Monitoring & Alarms

Operators gain peace of mind by effortlessly monitoring multiple values from any web-enabled device. An extensive suite of alarms and comprehensive monitoring steers you toward problems as they arise. Take your night and weekends back with the elimination of false alarms. Take comfort in constant, real-time visibility and alerts, no matter where you are.

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Control Feedback Loop

Reduce your operating expenses through real-time system optimization. XiO hardware executes real-time local control while Cloud-hosted software powers sophisticated peripheral control and high-level flow equalization based on changing conditions in the system (surges, pump failures, etc.). Reacting quickly to changes reduces expenses on utilities and maintenance.

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Data Analytics Suite

Data drives timely, targeted action. While graphs and trendlines display for all customers, the analytics suite transforms raw data into useful information. Avoid expensive EPA fines and untimely hardware replacements. Gain insight into performance inefficiencies and early warning signs. With XiO, you know where to focus your efforts.

Drive work efficiency with actionable insights.