Security in the Cloud. Security on the Ground. Security in Your Hands.

Protecting your data is our highest priority.

Water security is synonymous with asset management, national and regional stability, and data privacy. XiO weaves security into the fabric of our technology, diligently protecting your water systems from internal and external threats.

User Permissions

Rest assured your site is secure.

Every person managing your water system can access the user interface at various levels of assigned permissions.

  • Manage your users and their permissions.
  • View comprehensive historical lists of all actions taken on your system and who performed them.
  • The FIU-to-server communications pathway prevents unwanted access to your water system.

Secure Communications

Your Data is Private

Our communications architecture reverses the Old SCADA “master/slave” operational model, safeguarding your data and making our control and alarm capabilities matchless.  This node-to-server communication path with encrypted handshakes reduces the risk of man-in-the-middle attacks, a common threat to traditional SCADA architecture.

The XiO architecture reverses the communication stream and confirms the identity of our servers, thereby, critically mitigating the risk of an intruder. 

Data Loss & Breach Protection

Always Have the Data You Need

XiO uses physical, procedural, and technical safeguards to maintain the integrity and security of your data.  XiO “mirrors” all data received in real-time over multiple geographic regions, which means that if a primary server fails, your data immediately restores.

We regularly test our Disaster Recovery capabilities ensuring a rapid response to an incident. Mirroring and performing daily backups prevent data loss and ensure timely recovery. Additionally, the uninterruptible power supply enables the system to continue collecting and reporting data through a power outage.


Unbeatable Cybersecurity

XiO hosts data in industry-leading certified data centers so you have the advantage of the latest security innovations. We religiously review access logs and apply software updates to stay ahead of threats.

We protect your data with restrictive firewalls, secure certificates, and access rules to prevent a breach.

We also consult with third-party security experts to continuously improve our practices, so you get the best security today, tomorrow and for decades to come.