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XiO Cloud SCADA ® Systems

The Future of SCADA

Traditional SCADA has been around since the 1970s; and while it has paved the way for automation, the original architecture has changed little over the last five decades. As a result, SCADA systems have become antiquated. They rely on old technology, are vulnerable to cyber attacks, become unsupported over time, and lack advanced features to improve performance and efficiency.

XiO’s approach is different. XiO turns traditional SCADA architecture upside down by replacing PLCs and RTUs with patented field controllers and replacing SCADA servers with a cloud-based web services platform. Imagine SCADA SaaS— software as a service.

Results you can measure:

  • No need for a SCADA server and IT support
  • Security from cyber threats
  • Optimized system performance through cloud computing

Do More With Less

XiO is reinventing SCADA. Our state-of-the-art cloud-based SCADA platform doesn’t just acquire data from your equipment, it helps you take more efficient action based on that data.

How it Works

The Technology

XiO’s core technology, our patented Soft I/O Module®, turns traditional SCADA controls and communication architecture on its head.

Traditional SCADA relies on a PC/server model that includes programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and remote terminal units (RTUs) in the field, together with an independent SCADA server and custom software programming in order to provide remote monitoring and control. Engineers are often required to design the systems and specialized SCADA technicians must install and operate them. This level of specialization is time-consuming and expensive.

Our patented Soft I/O Module® interfaces between the equipment being monitored or controlled (pumps, lift stations, etc.), and the communication devices (radios, telemetry, or modems) eliminating the need for traditional PLCs, servers, and RTUs.

The difference in hardware and architecture results in a substantially less complex system that requires significantly less hardware, is often less than half the cost, and has a much smaller footprint. The Soft I/O Module® allows full control of up to 25 separate operations from one FIU (field installable unit) via node-to-spoke communication. This change in OT and IT architecture eliminates the high costs of custom software programming and software upgrades.

Key Benefits

XiO has helped clients just like you become more efficient, improve compliance, and reduce costs. Compare the advantages of XiO Cloud SCADA® over Traditional SCADA below.

XiO Cloud SCADA®

Simple installation & operation
Lower cost of ownership
Cloud-based system
Affordable resource optimization
Cutting-edge (future proof) technology
No server required
Highly secure against cyber threats
Resilient to natural disasters

Traditional SCADA

Specialized installation & operation
Expensive to purchase and maintain
Web-access of on-site system
Expensive custom programing
Outdated technology
Server hardware and software support required
Vulnerable to threats in many areas
Vulnerable to natural disasters

Product Tour

Go beyond traditional SCADA interfaces. Let your data tell you how to save money and resources. XiO’s platform organizes and displays your data in ways that make it easy to identify problems and take action quickly.

One of our software’s biggest benefits is its dynamic, customizable, easy-to-use interface that allows you to securely access your data on any device, from anywhere with a data or internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

XiO’s Cloud SCADA® System offers world-class security from cyber threats. XiO’s hardware and software has been designed to maximize cloud security features with robust authentication and authorization requirements for all users. Databases are housed on geographically separated web servers and continuously backed-up and rebuilt.

XiO controls all types of mechanical equipment (rotating equipment, actuators, analog or digital signals) such as pumps and fans, as well as processes such as drinking water disinfection and wastewater treatment.

XiO Systems can connect field equipment to the cloud via multiple different methods, such as radio, satellite, and/or modem, depending on terrain and availability.

Yes. XiO Systems are designed to operate independent of cloud connectivity. If the internet connection is lost, controllers in the field provide real-time local control within predetermined parameters and limits.

Yes. Users receive alarms in the event of a loss of communication, whether due to power failure or other reason.

XiO customers enjoy technical support via phone and email.

Yes. Dynamic Pump Optimization programs measure energy intensity and make sure the most efficient pump is running at any one time.

XiO Systems offer superior performance at a significantly lower lifetime cost (over 25% lower) than traditional SCADA systems. XiO’s hardware is less expensive than traditional SCADA hardware (lower capital costs) and XiO’s cloud service fees are lower than the costs of programming, consultants, and SCADA technical staff (lower operating costs).

No. Unlike traditional SCADA server software which requires software updates by consultants, XiO’s cloud portal interface is updated continuously as part of the monthly service.

XiO Systems provide users with numerous customizable reports to view performance trends such as equipment runtime, cycle counts, and energy intensity, as well as a built-in historian to record all user commands.

Yes. XiO systems can calculate the total volume so you can be sure you are not overcharged.

Yes. XiO makes reporting the total volume pumped and highest daily pumping totals easy to report without investing in an expensive flowmeter.

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