861 Ways XiO Keeps Your Operations Safe

XiO Cloud Data Platform: Safer By Design

XiO has seamlessly deployed over 800 software updates for the last ten years to bolster our platform against emerging physical and cyber threats. Our dedicated team of instrumentation, control, and database security professionals aims to develop software that is reliable, fault-tolerant, and, most importantly, secure.

Secure Access Anytime

XiO’s cloud platform offers secure, remote access to your system. Identification features protect against unauthorized users, while encrypted data transfers ensure safe communications.

Cloud Security

Enhanced Protection Through Seamless Updates

Cloud hosting allows for continuous deployment of platform updates in real-time and as frequently as needed. Ongoing cloud updates strengthen security and shield against cyber threats.

Real-Time Backups Mean Quick Recovery From Natural Disasters

With your data in the cloud, recovery from catastrophic events is quick and automatic. XiO protects your data with continuous mirrored backups and multiple databases over various geographic areas. A complete backup is always available.

Data Privacy