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Water is the lifeblood of your operation. XiO’s platform brings together data from pumps, wells, tanks, and reservoirs, providing visibility into all your water resources. XiO’s Virtual Water Meter™ makes reporting to regulatory agencies easy. Dynamic Pump Sequencing optimizes energy use and saves money.

How XiO’s Cloud SCADA® Platform Can Help You

XiO Systems calculate and record pumping data from multiple well sites—even without a flowmeter. With your historical pumping data at hand, you can easily view water usage, well performance, and overall aquifer health trends for resource planning and reporting compliance. Save time with our detailed and customized reporting that you can easily submit to state groundwater agencies.

You can’t afford to delay irrigation water due to equipment problems. XiO Systems track equipment performance trends and generate alarms in advance of failure so that you can get ahead of maintenance concerns and enjoy greater uptime for your pumps.

XiO Systems calculate pump energy intensity (kWh/AF) in order to determine efficiency. XiO’s automated system continuously evaluates energy intensity rates between multiple pumps and favors the most efficient (least energy-intensive) pump for the conditions at any time.

As a result, you can rest assured that your system is operating as efficiently as possible, helping the environment as well as your bottom line.

XiO Systems are 10x more affordable than traditional SCADA systems, offering unmatched ROI. Our systems deliver superior performance at a significantly lower lifetime cost (over 25% lower) than traditional SCADA systems. XiO’s hardware is less expensive than traditional SCADA hardware (lower capital costs) and XiO’s cloud service fees are lower than the costs of programming, consultants, and SCADA technical staff (lower operating costs).

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