Manage Collections And Treatment Efficiently

When it comes to collecting and treating wastewater, there is no room for error. XiO’s Cloud SCADA® platform provides visibility and control system-wide. Measure the impacts of I&I while avoiding overflows, calculate sewerage volume, trust verifiable alarms, and optimize treatment processes for real savings.

How XiO’s Cloud SCADA® Platform Can Help You

Wet well levels are only one indicator of your pumps’ performance. XiO Systems provide users with a more comprehensive view into pump performance in addition to water levels. When your values fall outside of a predetermined range, you’ll receive a heads-up so you can intervene before there is a major problem. Our secure and redundant system can give your operators peace of mind and ensure lift stations operate correctly.

Get insight about the impacts of inflow and infiltration on your collection system. XiO Systems provide users with a view into wet wells levels, pump cycles, and pump runtimes. Built-in reports easily illustrate trends over time to show the impacts of I&I on your collection system. By reducing the volume of water, you can save money and energy spent to treat it.

XiO Systems are 10x more affordable than traditional SCADA systems, offering unmatched ROI. Our systems deliver superior performance at a significantly lower lifetime cost (over 25% lower) than traditional SCADA systems. XiO’s hardware is less expensive than traditional SCADA hardware (lower capital costs) and XiO’s cloud service fees are lower than the costs of programming, consultants, and SCADA technical staff (lower operating costs).

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Let XiO show you the future of SCADA. Contact us today to request a free demo of our software.