Better Results For Less Than Traditional SCADA

XiO’s Cloud SCADA® Platform provides superior monitoring and control for far less than the cost of traditional SCADA. With XiO’s SCADA As A Service (SaaS) model, users no longer have to pay to maintain a SCADA server, while gaining the benefit of improved security.

XiO offers a variety of solutions for water, wastewater, and industrial process control applications. In addition, XiO’s team of engineers and automation experts can design custom solutions tailored to meet the needs of the end-user.

Lift Station Controller

Lift Station: wastewater, stormwater

Well Controller

Well Controller: drinking water, agriculture

Tank Controller

Tank Controller: drinking water, agriculture, ranching

Pump Controller

Pump Controller: drinking water, agriculture, ranching

Canal Gate Controller

Canal Gate Controller: agriculture

Request A Custom Solution

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