Drinking Water

Manage Pumping And Water Quality Efficiently

XiO’s team of engineers and scientists understands that when it comes to drinking water, quality control is of utmost importance. Compliance standards set by regulatory agencies are in place for a reason: your community’s health and safety are in your hands.

Our technology empowers you to stay one step ahead of any issues that may compromise your water quality, all while saving you time and money.

How XiO’s Cloud SCADA® Platform Can Help You

As an operator, you need to:

  • Maintain a specific chemical disinfectant level in your drinking water to ensure public safety
  • View current residual levels, including historical trends, across a system
  • Provide the regulatory agencies with a record of your sampling and results
  • Maintain consistent pressure in your system, often across multiple zones
  • Quickly identify when and where there are pressure changes
  • Maintain adequate water supplies for normal demand, as well as emergency flows in your storage tanks

XiO’s sophisticated technology allows you to view up-to-the minute levels across your systems and identify exactly when and where pressure or chemical level changes occur. As soon as something falls outside of your predefined range, alarms notify you so you can take immediate—and proactive—action, from any web-enabled device.

The data from your system is only as valuable as the change it affects. You must be able to identify trends in your data to support process optimization. With traditional SCADA, you must invest in custom programming for any kind of trend analysis.

XiO Systems leverage the power of cloud computing to provide you with trend analysis and suggestions for how to optimize processes. Since the computation is performed in the cloud, it is easy to provide users access to these powerful tools. Leverage the power of the cloud to optimize your processes—no custom programming needed.

Traditional SCADA systems must be programmed by specialized engineers and require a custom SCADA server. XiO’s systems are configured, not programmed. We help you make changes to your system as part of your ongoing maintenanc​​e plan, so you don’t have to hire specialized (and expensive) staff or consultants.

All users enjoy continuous software updates to the cloud portal, which keep your system up-to-date and secure, while eliminating the need for time consuming and costly SCADA server hardware and software updates.

XiO solutions deliver superior performance at a significantly lower lifetime cost (over 25% lower) than traditional SCADA systems.

Our customers enjoy tremendous financial savings from pump energy efficiency without the cost of custom programming. A customer in Southern California saved over $110,000 per year in energy costs alone after switching to XiO’s Cloud SCADA® system.

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