XiO is the leading provider of cloud-based SCADA solutions for increased security, lower lifetime costs, and radical resource efficiency. Imagine a cloud-based SCADA platform to leverage data, view trends, produce reports, and optimize processes – across numerous industries.

XiO Overview

Powerful SCADA.
No Server Required.

Traditional SCADA systems require the client to own and operate the server. XiO’s patented field hardware combined with cloud computing shifts SCADA server management away from the client…back to XiO. Imagine full-scale monitoring and control without the expense of servers and custom programming. Imagine robust resource optimization together with the most advanced security available.


How XiO Can Benefit You

Drinking Water

Maintain disinfectant levels, consistent pressure, and adequate water supply with real-time, web-enabled monitors. You get notified before something falls out of range, proactively preventing issues.

Agriculture & Irrigation

Get ahead of maintenance concerns, enjoy greater uptime, and protect your livestock and crops from interruptions in water supply with up-to-the-minute information on your tanks, troughs, and pumps.


XiO’s secure, redundant system helps you gain better control over your lift stations and avoid overflows at all costs. Feel secure knowing that you’re bringing an added level of protection to your community.

Cloud SCADA® Technology

What is XiO?

XiO is the premier provider of Cloud SCADA® technology for the water, wastewater, and irrigation industries.

Systems installed and operating in the US
Reduced Costs
MW of pumping energy operated with XiO systems
Energy Savings
Customers, including large cities, agencies, and districts

Success Stories

XiO has helped clients just like you become more efficient, improve compliance, and reduce costs. Explore our success stories below.

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