For the Operator.
For the Bottom Line.
For the Environment.

XiO delivers Secure Cloud SCADA® Water Control Systems with precise control, insightful analytics & unmatched ROI. Anytime, anywhere.


SCADA Minus the Wasted Time, Money & Resources.

XiO solves the simplest to the most complex water industry challenges while delivering ease of use and a lifetime guarantee.

What is the XiO Cloud SCADA® System?

XiO stands by our triple bottom line: saving time, money, and natural resources through precise automation, insightful analytics, and unparalleled security. Every drop counts.

The Cloud Advantage

Gain Peace
of Mind

  • Real-time, reliable system overview & alerts
  • Secure cloud servers
  • Unlimited historical data and history of actions taken
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Various user permission levels


  • Remote cloud monitoring paired with onsite control
  • Accurate & advanced alarms
  • Graphed trends and data analytics allow you to focus your efforts
  • Automate nuanced system management strategies with cloud logic
  • Easily create & download compliance reports

Save Money, Time
& Natural Resources

  • Up to 10x more affordable than traditional SCADA
  • Unmatched ROI
  • Save energy, identify leaks & reduce maintenance
  • Affordable installation by any licensed electrician
  • Preconfigured systems replace expensive programming!