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The XiO Cloud SCADA® Control System


A simple turnkey package complete with sensors, communication devices, our patented universal controller installs easily to provide real time control and monitoring.

Cloud Server

Our cloud servers store and analyze information collected from the universal controller.

Web Interface

Our cloud interface provides 24/7 views and management of your entire system from any internet connected device.

XiO Industry Solutions


Drinking Water

Always know how much water you’re using.


Agriculture & Irrigation

Pumping exactly when you want it. Even if you’re not there.

Waste Water


Always KNOW it’s working. Immediate text alarms if it’s not.

The XiO Cloud Advantage

  • Real-Time System Overview
    Always know what’s happening at your site.
  • Usage Reports
    One-click downloads make reporting easy.
  • Remote Management
    Operate your system from anywhere.

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