Pump Operations

Protect Your Pumps While Driving Efficiency

XiO’s Pump Operations solution combines remote control and monitoring with the industry’s most powerful energy optimization schemes, including Dynamic Pump Efficiency Sequencing, time of use scheduling, and automatic demand response programming — saving energy and money.

Data At Your Fingertips

The field hardware listed below collects and securely stores data in our state-of-the-art Cloud SCADA® software. Our hardware connects to our software via cellular modem or satellite. Communication between hardware may be via radio, telemetry, or modem. You can access your data from any device with an internet connection.

Software Solutions

Monitoring & Alarms

Real-time performance review
  • The secure cloud-based user interface gives you up-to-the-minute views of performance, even at remote pump sites.
  • Flow Rate
    Pump Status (On/Off)
Graph pump cycles over time
Accurate alarms
  • Pump failed to start
  • Lost Communication (UPS will keep it running long enough to report it)
  • Power Loss (UPS will keep it running long enough to report it)


Lead-Lag Pumping
  • Easily implement automated pumping strategies with alternation to maximize maintenance intervals.
Automatic Operation
  • Lead-Lag
  • Alternation
Remote Operation
  • Setpoint Changes
  • ON/OFF


Pump Efficiency
Runtime Reports
Energy Intensity
Virtual Water Meter™
  • The calculated volume pumped based on fluctuations in levels

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