Cloud SCADA® Operations

XiO’s cloud platform has given RRU staff system-wide visibility in order to make data-driven decisions, improved our operations, and has saved considerable time and money. The secure, real-time remote control means we can maintain top-notch customer service.

For RRU, the primary challenge was to provide operations to multiple systems located throughout a geographical area spanning 50 miles between sites with a small team. Some locations had remote telemetry communication, while others did not. Before implementing the XiO cloud platform, RRU staff spent hours driving to and from remote sites simply to check equipment. Without reliable telemetry and radio communications, the first alarm RRU staff would receive would be calls from customers with low water pressure or no water at all.

RRU management needed a cloud platform robust enough to handle process control for surface water treatment, while being user-friendly and simple to operate. Locating the automation and control systems on XiO’s cloud platform provided numerous immediate benefits to RRU.

  • The platform enabled authorized users to proactively manage operations remotely via web-enabled devices.
  • A single platform and user interface simplified the staff’s work.
  • Sophisticated alarms helped staff identify mechanical issues and arrive on-site adequately prepared.
  • Digital data collection and custom reports reduced staff time required to produce reports to regulatory agencies.
  • Digital historian provided managers with oversight and peace of mind through a complete record of operator actions.
  • Asset management and anomaly reports identified equipment in need of maintenance.

Using XiO’s cloud platform, RRU was able to shift the responsibility for maintaining their internal IT and OT operating software and historical data to XiO. XiO’s cloud platform also provided 24/7 system backups and cybersecurity protections.

Adopting XiO’s cloud platform brought about a transformative shift for RRU’s overall operational efficiency. RRU management realized immediate, tangible gains in time savings and reduced transportation expenses.

Leveraging XiO’s platform has resulted in RRU improving overall service to their customers. With system-wide monitoring and sophisticated alarms, RRU staff can get ahead of issues before users became aware of problems. The direct result is fewer water system disruptions.

XiO’s remote control capabilities proved invaluable when the region was hit by several large wildfires that required mandatory evacuations. Thanks to the cloud platform, RRU operators were able to remotely monitor tank levels, ensuring sufficient water supplies for firefighting efforts.

The successful implementation of XiO’s cloud platform at RRU exemplifies the transformative power of digital technologies in water and wastewater management. Leveraging the cloud for remote monitoring and control, RRU achieved operational excellence, resource optimization, and heightened resilience.

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