Announcing ACUITY Hub – Built For Water Operators

XiO is excited to announce the launch of ACUITY Hub, our latest cloud software solution purpose-built for water operators. Based on customer feedback, the new, fully-integrated solution is designed to provide insights, streamline operations, and optimize resources through advanced analytics and alarming. At the same time, XiO continues to deliver superior security from cyber threats.

XiO’s robust cloud computing platform provides a path to the future where data is key to water system management. XiO’s powerful data services model brings together siloed SCADA data with IIOT data to enable predictive analytics for true optimization.

XiO is committed to delivering leading-edge software solutions to critical issues. Future features and capabilities will include:

  • Advanced asset management and digital twins for system modeling
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced predictive analytics for improved decision-making
  • Energy efficiency and decarbonization analytics for lower costs and sustainability

XiO is a trusted partner in digital transformation. As leaders in industrial control and IIOT, XiO offers multiple ways to get your data to the cloud where it can be fully utilized. XiO’s powerful cloud platform is built for flexibility and scalability and offers dramatically lower costs of ownership.

XiO’s ACUITY Hub solution enables users to:

  • Gain system-wide visibility via IIOT monitoring
  • Implement asset management plans
  • Reduce non-revenue water
  • Track regulatory compliance
  • Improve overall security, including cyber security