Drinking Water

Effectively manage risk, compliance, cost & resources.

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Production & Treatment


Storage & Distribution


Reduce Risk.

By simplifying the complex, XiO Cloud SCADA® Systems tackle the daily water management challenges you face. XiO sends immediate notifications directing you toward the problem. With cloud-based monitoring & alarms, control, and data analytics at your fingertips wherever you go, it’s now easy to stay in compliance.

Ways cloud-based SCADA helps you achieve more, effortlessly:
  • Regulatory compliance simple
  • Automated monthly water quality and extraction reporting
  • Reduced operating costs by pumping during the times when electrical rates are lowest
  • Actionable data analytics and rapid alarms provide:
    • Early warning of possible leaks to reduce non-revenue water
    • Limit potential damage to infrastructure to reduce expenses

Do more with less. Do it right.

The human population rapidly growing and the water industry is trying to keep up. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that by 2026, there will be 3,800 fewer water operators than there are today, which means fewer operators will carry a heavier workload. Cloud SCADA Systems are the solution.

Remote monitoring and control help reduce onsite visits, so you can better manage your time between multiple sites. Rural water operators have the opportunity to manage more water systems than ever before, using XiO. 

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Production & Treatment Solutions


Maximize the use of your wells while responsibly managing aquifer health. Coordinate multiple wells based on aquifer level, production capacity, and energy efficiency. XiO offers a suite of features designed to manage your groundwater supply sustainably.

Surface Water

Stay in compliance with tools like 24/7 monitoring and alarms. Up-to-the-minute water quality readings (Residual Chlorine, pH, turbidity, etc.) make regulatory reporting simple. XiO offers solutions to keep every water treatment plant operating correctly.

Storage & Distribution Solutions


Use your storage to the fullest. Powerful analytics packages leverage storage capacity to implement intelligent pumping strategies. Solar-powered options are available for remote applications.

Pump Stations

Implement advanced pumping strategies through a straightforward and intuitive user interface. Constant monitoring ensures that pumps are operating the way they should. XiO provides you with the flexibility to choose how you control your pumps.