Water Tank

Domestic Drinking Water

XiO has combined its deep knowledge of the water industry with its revolutionary technology to create a perfect solution for domestic drinking water. XiO strives everyday to provide the best control system in the world. By simplifying the complex, XiO has created a suite of products and services to tackle the daily challenges of water professionals.

  • Reduce Operating Costs
    Electricity and on-site operators are major costs for water systems. XiO’s Cloud SCADA Control Systems let you do more with less. XiO customers enjoy reduced cost by pumping during the times when electrical rates are lowest and remote management reduces the need for on-site operator visits.
  • Be the First to Know
    Things can go wrong with your water system. With XiO you’ll get immediate notifications letting you know exactly what and where the problem is. Informative alerts and real time system views make sure you’re never in the dark.
  • Easy Installation
    The XiO system arrives pre-built and is easily installed by a local electrician. No on-site programming is required.
  • Reports Made Easy!
    XiO provides reports showing how much water has been pumped from all wells and water sources. For customers required to submit a monthly water quality report to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), XiO simplifies the effort by automatically generating a report that can be downloaded and submitted at the end of each month.
  • Always know if there’s a problem
    XiO’s advanced alarm system alerts you if there’s a problem. Operators receive notifications through text and email alerts.

Related Features

  • Virtual Water Meter™
    The Virtual Water Meter™ is an advanced algorithm that uses a number of values from the water system as a whole to determine flow rates instead of using a physical meter. The Virtual Water Meter™ enables a the XiO system to monitor and report flow rates and total flow from a tank without additional hardware. This substantially lowers the costs of hardware, installation, calibration, labor, and maintenance required with a physical meter.
  • XiO Scheduler
    The XiO Scheduler makes it simple to manage complex pumping requirements. The system can be configured to perform Lead/Lag pumping with or without alternation. Customers faced with tiered electrical rates can enable the Time-of-Use option to pump when prices are at their lowest.
  • Chemical Pump Pacing
    The XiO pacing system will adjust the amount of injected chemicals to match changes in the flow rate and allows customers to make remote adjustments to increase or decrease the amount of chemicals as desired.

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